Welcome to my Dark Tourism blog, this is a personal blog that is linked to my travels of Dark destinations. I would like to intrigue people to explore places they may have not thought about, and for people who already have a fascination with Dark attractions to learn about possible attractions that may have not been perceived as Dark attractions.

I first took a interest in Dark Tourism when I was at college, being told that places like Auschwitz fall into a category of Dark attractions, then throughout my studies and college and university I focused my assessments around dark tourism, building on my knowledge and understanding of these attractions. I am now a keen traveller after finishing university, who visit such sites, as well as trying to search out new sites that might not been considered Dark attractions.

Through this blog I would like to tell you about my experience when visiting these places but also give each reader some back ground knowledge on these places, as I first learned about each site before visiting as I feel this gives you a greater understanding of these places but also more respect when you are visiting them.

Using This Site

I have tried to make this site as easy to use as possible, at the top of this page their is links to other pages, each page is a country, when clicking on each one you will find a blog post about each attraction, over time the layout of this blog may change, as more posts are added to each country, as I would like to try make it easy as possible for you locating particular attractions with in each country.

My Instagram account will have my latest dark tourism travels however these will be added to this blog after a short time with more information, you can find my Instagram account my clicking on the pictures below.